Phounsavath wins yellow jersey at HCM City cycling event

Viet Nam News

HÀ N?I — Alex Ariya Phounsavath won the yellow jersey at the 19th stage of the HCM City Television Cycling Tournament on April 29.

Phounsavath, of  VUS-HCM City, suffered a punctured tire on the way to the finish line, but still won the event’s most sought-after jersey with the best overall time of 43: 58.33. Lê Ng?c Son of G?o H?t Ng?c Tr?i An Giang and Nguy?n Nh?t Nam of Domesco Pharmacy Ð?ng Tháp were the runners-up.

Nguy?n Minh Lu?n of Military Zone 7 defeated Tr?nh Ð?c Tâm of G?o H?t Ng?c Tr?i An Giang to win this stage, consisting of 98km from Ðà L?t to B?o L?c City, with a time of 2:11.22 and an average speed of 44.760 kmh.

The other awards were unchanged. The green jersey for the best sprinter belonged to Lê Nguy?t Minh of HCM City. Nam, of Domesco Pharmacy Ð?ng Tháp, won the white jersey as the best young cyclist, while the red jersey for King of The Mountain went to Phan Hoàng Thái of Domesco Pharmacy Ð?ng Tháp.

In the team rankings, Domesco Pharmacy Ð?ng Tháp has taken the lead with the best overall time of 129:50.29, followed by VUS-HCM City and G?o H?t Ng?c Tr?i An Giang.

Today, cyclists will compete in the 168km final stage from B?o L?c to HCM City.

Seventy-eight cyclists from 13 teams competed across 20 stages, totalling 2,000km in the event, which offers the largest prize in Vietnamese cycling history: VNÐ1.2 billion (US$52,200). – VNS

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