Việt Nam beat Iran 6-1 in Cup qualifier

Viet Nam News


HÀ N?I — Vi?t Nam earned their third win at the 2018 Women’s Asian Cup qualification, beating Iran 6-1 on Sunday in Hà N?i.

The hosts suffered heavy pressure prior to the match to win back the top position, which went to Myanmar who beat Singapore 6-0 in a previous game.

The Vietnamese side needed to win and created a gap of three goals to assure their victory.

They, however, received a shock just eight minutes into the game.

Zahra Ghanbani had an incredible free kick to open the result. It was the first goal loss that Vi?t Nam suffered at the event.

However, coach Mai Ð?c Chung’s girls again shaped up immediately.

They needed seven minutes to level the result by Nguy?n Th? Tuy?t Dung, who then created a chance for teammate H?i Y?n to head the second goal.

The second half totally was in control by Vi?t Nam.

Hu?nh Nhu made it 3-1 20 minutes after the interval. Nguy?n Th? Hòa netted from a straight shot before Y?n grabbed her second goal.

Nhu concluded a big win with a finish that went over keeper Suleimani’s head to the net.

The third win pushed Vi?t Nam back to the top position in Group D with nine points.

Myanmar is in second, with the same points but a smaller goal difference.

In the final group round match, the top two teams will play each other. Vi?t Nam just needs a draw to qualify for the Asian Cup finals next year. — VNS

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