City triumph at national finswimming event

Viet Nam News

HÀ N?I — HCM City triumphed at the National Finswimming Championships which concluded in Th?a Thiên-Hu? on Wednesday.

The team won 13 golds, five silvers and three bronzes after three days of competition. Ðà N?ng came second with four golds, two silvers and four bronzes. While Qu?ng Bình came in third with three golds, two silvers and five bronzes.

On the last day, Nguy?n Th? Hu? of Thái Bình won gold in the women’s 200m surface with a time of 1:34.80. T? Hoàng Minh Anh of HCM City and Tr?n Th? Trang Di?m were the runners-up with times of 1.37.28 and 1.37.54, respectively.

In the men’s 200m surface, Ð? Ðình Toàn took the lead with a time of 1.24.22. Nguy?n Thành L?c of HCM City and Ð? Xuân Thiên of Hà Nam finished second and third, respectively.

In the women’s 100m surface, Tr?n Th? Huong of Thái Bình brought home the gold with a time of 50.82 seconds. Nguy?n Th? Tâm of Thanh Hóa and Ph?m Th? Thu of H?i Duong received silver and bronze, respectively.

The tournament attracted the participation of ninety-five players from 13 teams across the country, competing for 26 sets of medals. — VNS

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