Hà Nội grab big win, top V.League

Viet Nam News

HÀ N?I — Hà N?i FC shot to the top position of the V.League after registering a huge 5-1 win over Long An in a late ninth-round match yesterday.

Tied at 19 points with FLC Thanh Hóa, Hà N?i took the No. 1 spot by virtue of their better goal difference. FLC Thanh Hóa have fallen to the second position and Qu?ng Nam is No. 3.

Long An defenders looked confused as they struggled to resist Hà N?i’s rapid attacks. Just seven minutes into the game, Hà N?i served Long An their first goal deficit.

Defender Tr?n Van Kiên, who participated in the attack, passed the ball to the box where teammate Hoàng Vu Samson awaited and the Nigerian-born player tapped it straight into the net.

Samson made his double 23 minutes later from a close-range header after taking the ball passed from the left wing by national midfielder Nguy?n Van Quy?t.

It was his sixth goal of the season, making him one of the three best scorers now.

Quy?t, who missed several chances, grabbed a goal for himself nine minutes after the interval.

Two other goals of the visitors went to former national deputy captain Ph?m Thành Luong and 19-year-old Truong Van Thái Quý.

Long An’s solitary goal came after a successful penalty by Oseni at the 90th-minute mark.

It was the hosts’ eighth defeat in a row that leaves them at the bottom of the league.

They will next meet Sài Gòn FC on April 1, while Hà N?i will visit Sanna Khánh Hòa on April 9.

In another late match yesterday, C?n Tho tied 1-1 with Qu?ng Ninh Coal at their home ground.

Qu?ng Ninh who is targetting a top-3 place this season got the opener from Tambwe Patiyo at the 28th minute. C?n Tho’s Uganda striker Kisekka Henry levelled it early in the second half.

The draw was a push to the team who are trying hard to escape from the SOS area.

“The first half was slow as Qu?ng Ninh took time to test us, while my players were under heavy pressure for a win. The second half saw better performance from the two sides. We did not win this match, but with a draw we successfully ended our series of three losses in a row,” said Vu Quang B?o.

“I had to talk a lot with my players before the match during the break time. I egged them on, saying ’we suffered a goal loss but there is nothing to worry. Let’s speed up and be confident, so we can equalise and even take a win’,” he said.

“We did it. It will encourage us for the next game when we play H?i Phòng at the away stadium.”

Qu?ng Ninh grabbed one point and jumped two steps to No. 5 in the ranking.

The team yesterday also completed a procedure to naturalise midfielder Geoffrey Kizito as a Vietnamese. The Uganda-born with the new name of Tr?n Trung Hi?u is expected to strengthen the team’s middle field.

Qu?ng Ninh’s captain Vu Minh Tu?n and Hà N?i’s midfielder Quy?t will join the national team tonight to travel to Tajikistan for the Asian Cup qualification round. — VNS

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